The National Center for Tobacco-Free Older Person

National Center for Tobacco-Free
Older Persons

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The National Center for Tobacco-Free Older Persons (NCTFOP), created by and an integral part of The Center for Social Gerontology (TCSG), is dedicated to redressing and mitigating the physical and emotional harm to older persons caused by the actions of the tobacco industry. The NCTFOP will serve as a national advocate for and source of information on tobacco and older persons issues, as well as a center for conducting research, education and training to increase public awareness of the effects of tobacco on older persons and to reduce smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke by older persons.

This web site is intended to provide comprehensive information on and access to materials concerning tobacco and older persons, including fact sheets, health-related reports and articles, a detailed bibliography, copies of TCSG's Tobacco & the Elderly Notes newsletter, and much more. Also included on this site is an extensive section on Tobacco & Adult Minorities. A special section of this site provides the most exhaustive information on the Internet on the uses of the state tobacco settlement funds, particularly their use for aging programs and tobacco prevention and cessation.

This site is divided into the following main sections:

Info on Tobacco & Older Persons: Fact Sheet, Smoking Rates, Aging Data, Bibliography, Posters, etc.

Tobacco & Adult Minorities

Tobacco-related Health Problems & Older Persons

Smoking Cessation, Quality of Life & Older Persons

Smoke-Free Policies in Facilities Serving Older Persons

Tobacco Settlement Funds: Daily Updates & Related Info

Tobacco & the Elderly Notes newsletters

News from the NCTFOP

Smoke-Free Environments Law Project web site


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