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Best Practice

Vol. 7, Nos. 1 & 2 On Delivery of Legal Assistance to Older Persons

April 1996

"Turning a Greater Wheel"
By Daniel Lichterman

Daniel Lichterman, the now teenage son of Paul Lichterman and Norma Brooks, has presented the Lichterman Award plaque every year since 1986, when the first award was bestowed upon Arthur Flemming. In each of the past three years, Daniel has accompanied the presentation with the recital of an original poem. For the 1995 presentation, Daniel read his poem, "Turning a Greater Wheel." For those readers of Best Practice Notes who were not able to attend the 1995 Awards Luncheon and hear Daniel's perceptive and thought- provoking poem, we present it to you here.

Turning a Greater Wheel

By Daniel Lichterman

Iron teeth
fill notched valleys.
The opposing directions of each gear,
turning a greater wheel.

the gears get worn with
grinding friction.
The machine threatens
to stop altogether.

When the
screeching cry of the metal is heard,
each jammed cog
is locked by another.

But greased with perseverance
until the friction
is cooled,
they turn in unison.

All the gears with iron teeth
the greater wheel

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