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Best Practice

Vol. 6, Nos. 3 & 4

On Delivery of Legal Assistance to Older Persons

April 1994

A Poem By Daniel Lichterman

We began this issue of Best Practice Notes with inspirational words from Dr. Arthur Flemming on safeguarding the rights of our Nation's most vulnerable elders. We end it with a poem of inspiration, hope, and a vision of the role we all must play in that effort. It is authored by the twelve-year-old son of Paul Lichterman and Norma Brooks, Daniel Lichterman.

Each year since 1986 when the Lichterman Award was first bestowed on Arthur Flemming, Daniel has presented the award plaque. In 1992 and 1993, those of us who attended the Awards Luncheon at the Joint Conference on Law & Aging had the good fortune to witness Daniel move from presenting the plaque, to addressing the entire Conference. It is an experience we will long cherish. In 1993, Daniel's words took the form of poetry, and he delivered a message that very much reflects the philosophy of his father regarding the inherent value of all persons and the significant contribution each one of us can and should make to the betterment of humankind.

For those readers who were unable to hear Daniel at the 1993 Awards Luncheon, we give you here a copy of his original text.


A tributary flows

giving life to the rivers

It flows not to make itself bigger or stronger

but to give

to the mighty rivers

Soon the tributary is finished giving

and the rivers can

hold their own

With an inner calm and determination,

the tributary has

nourished the waterways.

But it has also enriched its own waters

with minerals and nutrients

as it swept along the banks,

journeying its humble way.

In time, the rivers grow strong enough

to help others in need

spreading goodness through the world

We can be the Tributaries

that network across the earth

form hand to hand, from door to door

helping people everywhere

bestowing a gift of priceless worth

to ourselves


people of the world.

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